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Entergy Green Select - Large Volume

What is Entergy Louisiana Green Select – Large Volume?

Entergy Green Select – Large Volume is the program name for the Entergy Louisiana’s Large Volume Green Pricing Option (LVGPO) tariff approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission in March 2022.  This is a voluntary program that allows eligible Entergy Louisiana customers to align a portion of their monthly electric usage with renewable energy credits (“RECs”). The LVGPO tariff can be accessed here.

What is Green-e® Energy certification?

Green-e® Energy certification ensures the program meets environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.  Learn more at www.green-e.org

How do I sign up or receive more information?

You may call 1-800-766-1648 or contact your managed account representative for more information.

Where will the RECs come from?

See here for more information.

Will I own the renewable resource?

No. The sources of RECs for this program will be supplied from projects owned by third parties.  

Will I own the RECs associated with my subscription?

No, but you have the right to claim the environmental benefit of the RECs. For businesses, the RECs can help reduce your company’s scope 2 emissions. In addition, the RECs produced by your portion of the resource will be retired by Entergy Louisiana on your behalf.

Who is eligible to participate in Entergy Louisiana Green Select – Large Volume?

To be eligible, a non-residential customer must take metered service and have an account in good standing with Entergy Louisiana. This program is not offered to unmetered or lighting service. In addition, customer must designate a monthly quantity of electricity to be matched with RECs that is at least 500,000 kWh per month.

What are the program charges? 

Eligible customers will designate a fixed, monthly amount of kWh electricity usage (also known as the “LVGPO Energy”) to be matched with RECs. The LVGPO Energy must be at least 500,000 kWh per month.  Each month, the LVGPO Energy will be multiplied by the Monthly Rate to calculate the fee for participation in the program. The Monthly Rate is the greater of: (i) 0.25 cents per kWh or (ii) the monthly average value for the S&P Global Renewable Energy Credit Index for Texas wind RECs, as of the current Month.

 Can I change the monthly amount of LVGPO Energy after I sign up?

Yes. However, customers cannot change their election more than one time in a six-month period.

Is there any limit on how much LVGPO Energy I can sign up for?

Entergy Louisiana reserves the right to deny or suspend service under Entergy Green Select – Large Volume until such time that the Company is able to ensure that a sufficient quantity of RECs is available to meet the Customer’s desired subscription level.

How will I be billed?

Each month, the charges for your subscription to the Entergy Green Select – Large Volume program will be included in your monthly bill from Entergy Louisiana.

Is it possible for the cost of my Entergy Louisiana bill to decrease because of my participation?

No. Participation in this program will include a small, additional fee to your monthly utility bill.   

Who gets to claim the environmental benefits associated with the renewable sources of this program?

As an Entergy Louisiana Green Select Large Volume participant, you claim the full environmental benefits for your subscription to the program through the RECs retired on your behalf.

Is the renewable energy I support through the Entergy Green Select – Large Volume program delivered directly to my business?

No. The energy produced is not sent directly to your business.

What is the minimum participation period?

Enrollment is for a one-year period and will not be prorated. Subscriptions will automatically renew for successive one-year periods until terminated by written notice from one of the parties. See the tariff for more information here.

What happens if my company ceases operation and/or I close my Entergy Louisiana account?

You will be removed from the program. In the event that a Customer seeks to terminate electric service or withdraw from Entergy Green Select – Large Volume during the term of the agreement, the Company reserves the right to assess the Customer a fee to reimburse the Company for the cost of RECs obtained on behalf of the Customer for the remainder of the one-year term of the agreement.

What happens if I move to another location and open a new Entergy Louisiana account?

You can transfer your subscription in the program to your new location/account.

How do I cancel my subscription to Entergy Louisiana Green Select – Large Volume?

Enrollment in this program is for a minimum one year period. Participants may terminate their subscription by providing at least two months’ written notice to Entergy Louisiana prior to the expiration of the original term or any anniversary thereof. Business customers should call 1-800-766-1648 or their managed account representative to discuss cancellation. Please keep in mind that billing under this program will not be prorated on a monthly basis. See the tariff for more information here. Also, customers that withdraw from the program cannot re-enroll for six months (unless they move and transfer their subscription to a new Entergy Louisiana account).